Founded in 2019 in Vancouver, Getawayer Canada Inc. specializes in designing and fabricating high-quality office pods made in Canada. We are dedicated to providing solutions for comfortable work in private environments that enhance productivity, and reduce stress. With the widest range of office pods, we cater to diverse needs in terms of size, budget, and design.

Getawayer Office Pods:

  • Designed and fabricated in Canada
  • Durable materials and structure
  • Easy to install and take apart
  • Spacious and bright interiors
  • Modern eye-catching design
  • Customizable design and features
  • Effective air ventilation
  • Noise-dampening insulation
  • Delivered throughout Canada and USA
  • Easy to move around
  • Wide model range for diverse needs and budgets

Getawayer office pods and phone booths manufacturing in Canada