Collection: Office Phone Booths

Step inside to get your privacy back. Enjoy distraction-free environment while making confidential calls, thinking out loud, preparing a speech or having a video conference.
3 products
  • Office Phone Booth 'Delta S'
    Infinite white Office Phone Booth 'delta S'. White soundproof office pod. Gawayer Canada Inc. No ROOM for distractions. Made in Canada.
  • Office Phone Booth 'Tilbury S'
    Office phone booth 'Tilbury S' with adjustable compact desk, motion sensor switch for lights and ventilation and stool. Desk installed for seating position. No ROOM for distraction.
  • Office Phone Booth 'Coquitlam'
    Office Phone Booth 'Coquitlam'. Black soundproof office pod. Getawayer Canada Inc. No ROOM for distractions.